About us

Since it was founded in 1994, Laboratoires Vitarmonyl, established in the Vendée department of France, has had but one objective:
To make high-quality food supplements available to as many people as possible through supermarkets.

Laboratoires Vitarmonyl
Vitarmonyl, the specialist of supermarket food supplements

Well-being, slimming, health, beauty, vitality... to each need, a response!

Laboratoires Vitarmonyl thus propose several ranges of food supplements to help you find the product best suited to your needs:

  • Plants and natural active substances, find the plant that meets your needs.
  • Slimming, lose weight and keep it off.
  • Health, feel better each day.
  • Beauty, preserve and maintain your beauty capital.
  • Vitality, increase your tone and vitality.
  • Organic plants, enjoy the taste and benefits of organic plants.