Put an end to urinary discomfort!

inconfort urinaire
Simple actions to avoid this unpleasantness

The female or male urinary tract can suffer minor, but painful disorders. These are uncomfortable and recurrent, caused by microbially induced inflammation of the urinary tract. For anatomical reasons, urinary discomfort is more frequent in women.

How can they be avoided?

· The body naturally defends itself against urinary discomfort with water! You should drink at least 1.5 litres of water per day, and do this regularly. This allows the bladder to eliminate the various impurities.

· Urinate regularly, approximately once every 2-3 hours, to prevent microbial stagnation in the bladder.

· Transit problems can also lead to urinary discomfort. To avoid this, you must eat a balanced diet. Transit-improving food supplements may also be the solution.

·  Moreover, you should avoid wearing overly tight trousers or synthetic underwear that promotes urinary discomfort.

Pumpkin seeds for men

Men can also suffer from urinary discomfort. Indeed, with age, the prostate becomes enlarged and prevents correct urine flow. This gland, located under the bladder, compresses the natural outflows: it takes longer to urinate and the bladder is never totally empty, hence the need to urinate frequently. Rich in phytosterols, plant hormones similar to male sex hormones, pumpkin seeds provide precious help in improving male urinary comfort.

Did you know?

Antioxidant-rich fruit, especially the so-called "red" fruits, help limit urinary discomfort.

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