This winter, breathe "naturally"

This winter, breathe "naturally"

Our respiratory tract occasionally needs to be soothed: why not make the most of the benefits of nature?

A classic: thyme!

We know it, though we tend to forget it! Thyme is a well-known subshrub of the Mediterranean basin. It was already used during the 19th century by the Arabs to treat mouth problems and sore throat. Thyme is thus a major medicinal plant for all immunity-related ailments: cough, respiratory tract infections, bronchitis, etc.
Thyme contributes to the body's natural defences and soothes mouth and throat. It can be taken as an infusion and can also be combined with mallow.

Let's not forget eucalyptus!

Eucalyptus, a tree indigenous to Australia that can grow to several dozen metres in height, is mainly known for its beneficial effects on the respiratory system.

Its leaves, with their very high essential oil content, can be used in various ways: inhalation, massage or infusion. Moreover, the diffusion of eucalyptus throughout the house allows everyone to benefit and purifies the ambient air.
Whatever the mode of administration, the oils allow you to breathe more serenely.

Our simple tips for this winter

They turn up each year with the first frost and invade our respiratory or digestive system... These are the winter seasonal viruses. To limit their presence, remember to air your living areas each day in order to renew the air and to destroy undesirable microbes. Moreover, you should adopt "barrier gestures" such as hand-washing. Wash your hands for at least 30 seconds and focus on the outsides of the hands, finger joints, nails and wrists. Finally, dry your hands either with a clean towel or allow them to air dry.

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