Say "Thanks" to bees!

Say "Thanks" to bees!
Nature can offer us its virtues, let's make the most of it...

Our friends the bees have given us a treat by offering us genuine treasures of concentrated energy. Indeed, honey, royal jelly, propolis, pollen and beeswax are full of secret benefits. Our grandparents used them to get through winter, so why don't we also use them? Quick focus on these precious products of the hive.

Honey and royal jelly

Honey is a sweet substance produced by honeybees from nectar or honeydew. It is a high-energy, high-sugar product, comprised of 80% carbohydrates. The main component sugars are fructose and glucose, that can be directly assimilated by the human body. A completely natural product, it was once used not only as a food, but also to embellish the skin and to treat wounds.

Royal jelly is a milky, whitish and gelatinous substance secreted by the pharyngeal glands of young nurse bees. It is intended to feed larvae during the first stage of their development and is the exclusive diet for queens throughout their life. It contains between 50 and 65% water, along with many other substances, such as:
sugars, proteins, fats, mineral, vitamins (particularly B1 and B5) and trace elements.


Propolis is a resin used by bees to cover all the interior surfaces of the hive, as a source of sealing and strength. It thus plays a protective role against external aggressions.

Did you know?

Honey has the advantage of being 100% natural, having undergone absolutely no processing and being rich in good nutrients. The opposite of white sugar! Do not hesitate therefore to replace white sugar with honey whenever possible. In a plain yogurt for example!

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