Multi-vitamins, we say yes!

Multi-vitamins, we say yes!
Top up with multiple vitamins in one go!

Multi-vitamins are combinations of several vitamins and minerals important for our health.

The combination of vitamins C, B6, B12, etc.

Each vitamin plays an important role as it takes part in correct body function and in the maintenance of vitality. These vitamins are involved in numerous bodily processes such as growth, maintenance of bone health, food conversion to energy, etc.

Amongst these vitamins, we can once more find vitamin C, the superstar of vitamins, recognized for its anti-fatigue and antioxidant role, along with vitamin B6, which contributes for normal nervous system and immune system function and vitamin B12, a major proponent of normal energy metabolism.

...and minerals

Amongst these minerals, we can mention iron, required for red blood cell and haemoglobin formation and to reduce fatigue; zinc, which plays a central role in supporting the body's natural defences; magnesium, which contributes to normal nervous system function and many others...

There is thus no excuse to forego the benefits of these vitamins and minerals.

In summary

Remember to take a multi-vitamin course at the start of each season! Indeed, season changes, especially the transition into winter, are frequently accompanied by reduced fitness and lowered morale. Our body and natural defences are weakened.

Multi-vitamins will thus support your body and help it adapt.

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