SOS nails in distress

ongle en detresse
SOS nails in distress

Soft nails? Brittle? Ridged? Duplicated? Fragile nails affects approximately 20% of French people, especially women. Besides the aesthetic discomfort, fragile nails reduce a person's dexterity in fine gestures and frequently catch.

Below are a few solutions for ensuring your nails stay perfectly healthy:

Maintain them each day!

Striated and brittle nails are actually victims of drying. To avoid this, they must be hydrated. The use of a moisturising cream applied to the base of the nails helps reactivate circulation and nourishes the nails. They are thus better able to withstand external aggressions. This type of massage should be performed at least once a day, preferably in the evening, when the nails are more exposed to the external environment.

Moreover, you should take care of your nails each week: remove any traces of varnish, rinse your hands with warm water, remove any dirt from under the nails and file them from the sides inwards, always in the same direction to avoid duplication.

For beautiful nails, eat a balanced diet!

In order to grow healthily, nails require various trace elements and vitamins. Consequently, you should opt for foods containing high levels of vitamin B (wheat germ, brewer's yeast, egg yoke, etc.), vitamin C (fresh fruit, citruses, etc.) and silicon (vegetables). Moreover, eating meat and fish will help provide your nails with keratin (protein making up 90% of nail).

If your diet fails to provide all the elements required for nail health, you can take food supplements.

Our beauty tip

To whiten and tone your nails, you can rub them with half a lemon. You can do this every day.

White vinegar is also very useful. Despite its strong smell, it helps nails recover their sheen.

Approximately 20% of French people suffer from fragile nails

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