Prepare your skin for the sun!

A beautiful tan is first and foremost a well-prepared tan.
A beautiful tan is first and foremost a well-prepared tan.

After several months of glum weather, the summer is finally here and we all want a beautiful tanned complexion. But beware, in order to make the most of the sun intelligently, you must first prepare your skin appropriately.

Preparation through food!

Pay attention to what you put on your plate! Indeed, food remains the best way of providing the body what it needs to nourish the skin.

Some ideas for food to eat without restraint before summer arrives: carrots (raw or cooked), tomatoes (preferably with their skin), fresh fruit (melons, apricots, yellow peaches, etc.), green and red vegetables. Eat these types of foods for at least a month prior to exposure. What about hydration? Remember to drink more, at least 1.5 litres of water per day.

Food supplements are here to help!

To be ready to face the sun, you should start eating food supplements. Start taking them at least 2 weeks, ideally 4 weeks before exposure, then continue throughout the exposure period. Carotenoids, zinc, copper and selenium help prepare the skin for sun exposure and help activate and prolong an intense, uniform and radiant tan.

To keep your tan as long as possible, you must keep your skin moisturised, using lotions or creams applied, for example, after taking a shower.

But beware, even though sun preparation products optimise the skin's natural defences, they do not remove the need for regular application of sun cream (adapted to your skin type), which is essential to guarantee effective protection.


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