Slimming during menopause, it's possible!

Slimming during menopause, it's possible!
Maté promotes fat combustion

Fifty years is a difficult milestone for women as this is often the age of menopause: base metabolism slows down, the body changes as does the figure. But why?

Hormonal changes

During menopause, the secretion of sex hormones (oestrogen and progesterone) stops. The involvement of hormonal variations in fat mass build-up is recognized. With age, the body burns fewer calories. What is not used this stored, thus promoting weight gain. Moreover, the drop in oestrogen levels leads to lower body muscle depletion. What can I do?

Adapt your diet and take regular physical exercise

Weight gain during menopause is not inevitable. The body changes, as do its needs. it is thus important to adapt our habits accordingly.

First of all, you must review your eating habits. This does not necessarily mean going on a slimming diet. You simply need to eat more healthily. Think about figure-friendly foods to avoid gaining weight, frequently around the waist. Top up on greens, particularly those with high omega 3 fatty acid content: watercress, purslane, dandelion, etc.
Moreover, you should exercise regularly and make the most of every opportunity to move. For example, take the stairs instead of the lift.

Did you know?

Besides a healthy diet and regular exercise, you should know that some plants promote shedding the excess kilograms acquired during menopause. Thus, maté promote fat burning, whereas grape marc and elder help limit water retention.

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