Putting an end to orange peel skin!

Putting an end to orange peel skin!
The buttocks are the main target of cellulitis.

Cellulitis, a true enemy of all women, affects 9 out of 10 women. Also, contrary to common belief, diet-resistant cellulitis concerns both slim women and those with fuller figures.

Focus on women's pet peeve

Cellulitis, characterised by its "orange peel" appearance, corresponds to a build-up of fat under the skin. The most affected areas are the buttocks, thighs, arms and knees. This fat compresses the blood and lymph vessels, thus hindering natural drainage and toxin elimination.

Numerous factors are known to promote cellulitis:

  • Genetics: some individuals display an imbalance between lipolysis (fat burning) and lipogenesis (fat storage).
  • Hormonal: the balance between oestrogen and progesterone determines the distribution of fat throughout the body: each phase in hormonal life (puberty, pregnancy, contraception, etc.) causes variations.
  • Circulatory: the poorer the blood and lymph flow, the greater the risk of suffering from cellulitis.
  • Food: the amount of food ingested, but also food quality, influences fat storage by the body.
  • Muscles: muscle tone regulates fat mass.

How can I combat it?

  • First, limit salt consumption. Indeed, this latter promotes water retention, and hence cellulitis. To activate drainage, you must thus limit salt intake.
  • You should also exercise regularly to regulate your fat mass.
  • Finally, to combat cellulitis, you should also drink regularly to drain the body's water.
  • Diuretic plants (birch, blackcurrant, elder, etc.) and decongestive plants (grape marc, ash, cherry stalk, meadowsweet, etc.) promote the elimination of water and toxins and help decongest tissues to reduce the orange peel effect.

Our simple tip

Have you thought about scrubbing? Scrubbing removes dead cells from the skin and stimulates blood and lymph flow. This helps activate drainage by acting on the adipose cells responsible for cellulitis. Scrub from bottom to top, performing a circular massage. Ideally, you should scrub once per day.

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