Objective: flat stomach

Objective: flat stomach
A flat stomach is often a question of transit

A poor diet and lack of physical activity frequently lead to excess kilograms, that build up in particular around the waist. Below are a few tips for restoring a beautifully flat stomach!

Eat correctly and practice a sport!

Indeed, a poorly balanced diet frequently promotes the formation of small bulges. You must therefore adopt healthier and better balanced eating habits.

But beware, some difficult to digest foods tend to cause bloating, which are not conducive to a flat stomach. Indeed, these foods stagnate for longer in the digestive tract, slowing intestinal transit and causing the abdomen to bloat.  Some of these foods include cauliflower, spinach, artichoke, but also whole milk and some fish such as tuna.
Contrary to common belief, complex sugars should not be banished from your diet. You must simply not abuse of them.

No matter how healthy your diet, it must be combined with sports activity to achieve results! Exercise allows you to develop your abdominal muscles, thus helping keep a flat stomach.  For example, performing 5 minutes of core and abdominal exercises each day will give visible results.

Remember plants

To limit bloating, there are many plants that facilitate digestion, such as tamarind or lemon balm, while other enhance intestinal transit such as acacia or mallow.

Our "flat stomach" tip

Have you thought about massages? You can massage your tummy to keep a flat stomach. Make clockwise circular movements. This reactivates microcirculation, promotes cell exchanges, limits water retention, relaxes and improves digestion.

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