Help, I have food cravings!

Help, I have food cravings!
Wait for 10 minutes before dashing to the refrigerator.

Food cravings are irrepressible urges to eat between meals. It is often very hard to resist these cravings.
Some factors enhance these cravings, such as stress, anxiety and depression, but also boredom as eating "keeps you busy". When we eat food containing sugar, insulin is secreted to ensure that the sugar is able to penetrate our cells. The body also produces serotonin, a calming hormone.

But these small snacks can rapidly increase the number of calories ingested, thus leading to weight gain.

"Appetite regulators"

"Appetite regulator" substances derived from plants, algae and fruit are allies of choice for your figure. The soluble fibres they contain can absorb between 50 and 100 times their weight in water. Taken in the form of food supplements, these active substances swell in the stomach, filling it and thus reducing hunger pangs.

Reinstate the snack!

You can reinstate mid-morning and mid-afternoon "snack" times to avoid food cravings just before mealtimes. Of course, you should not give in to sweets, but rather eat fruit. Food intake should thus be spread over 4 or 5 meals.

Our simple tip

Food cravings are frequently just a desire to eat, not a need to eat. Consequently, a little trick is frequently sufficient to get over this desire: wait 10 minutes while trying to think of something else. For example, get up and make yourself a herbal tea. In other words, keep busy! The craving thus frequently disappears.

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