Burning fat, ok but how?

Burning fat, ok but how?
Plants: your slimming allies!

There are hundreds of methods for burning fat! What if plants could help us combat those excess kilograms that are such a bother. Coffee, green tea, guarana and maté are considered to be "fat-burning" plants. But why?

Caffeine-rich plants

All of these plants contain varying levels of caffeine, that acts in the following manner: it increases the body's energy expenditure through fat (lipid) oxidation, thus helping with weight management.

Take physical exercise

Caffeine is thus a precious ally in the context of a diet, accompanied by correct eating habits, but more importantly by a little sport. Indeed, you must exercise at least twice per week: dancing, gardening, walking or stair-climbing are ideal activities for optimising calorie burning.

Focus on endurance exercises that force the body to draw upon its fat reserves. Conversely, short and intense exercises burn sugar reserves.

Our "fat burning" tip

In the morning, you could drink a bowl of hot lemon-flavoured water! Thanks to its fat-burning properties, this mixture will help your body eliminate stored fats and toxins.

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